Simcenter Micred Power Tester 是否可以用母排连PWT通道的两个Output Stage?

Simcenter Micred Power Tester


这种连接看起来更加方便,但将会增加过冲风险。尽管第一代的PWT使用了这种母排,但现在已经被抛弃和禁止,必须对每个Output Stage单独接线。


It seems that could be more convenient for the connections but meet spike risk. Although the first version of the PWT with this kind of busbar, that's Abandoned and Forbidden. We know about the relation between Voltage spikes vs measurement quality vs convenience of cabling(Service Note 3757611161), Wiring inductance must be minimized (as short as possible cable length, with the cables routed tightly together to minimize loop area). 

这种连接看起来更加方便,但将会遇到增加过冲风险。尽管第一代的PWT使用了这种busbar,但现在已经被抛弃和禁止。参考电压过冲&测试质量&连接便捷性的关系(Service Note 3757611161), 我们知道线缆电感必须最小(缩短线缆长度,线缆紧靠以减小Loop面积)

Here are further separate cable must be used from each output stage. Especially for PWT3600A, we calculate the inductive energy for example and assume it need to output 1200A to the DUT.

必须对每个output stage单独接线。例如,尤其是对于PWT3600A,我们可以计算线缆的存储感应能量,假如需要输出1200A电流到器件DUT。

  • The inductive energy is calculated by the equation E=1/2L*I^2in case there is separate cable for each output stages, then E=1/2*L*600A^2=180000*L is the stored total energy in one wire, and the total energy on 2 OS is 160000*L.

可以通过公式E=1/2L*I^2来计算感应能量,例如如果每个output stage单独连接到器件,每个线缆存储的能量为 E=1/2*L*600A^2=180000*L ,两个Output stage总的能量为360000*L.

  • There are 2 OS-es connected in parallel and connected with one wire, then it increases to 1/2*L*1200^2=720000*L 如果2Output stage并联在一块,通过一个线缆连接,线缆能量增加为1/2*L*1200^2=720000*L

For other version version of PWT with a single OS, the number of parallel cables does not do a difference. But for multiple output stages it it depends and the goal is to reduce stored energy.

只有单个Output Stage版本的PWT,平行线缆没有什么区别,对于多个output stage型号的机台,确实有影响。所以需要根据情况来决定,最终目标是降低存储能量。

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Simcenter Micred Power Tester