Simcenter Prescan How to make point cloud plot via Prescan and Matlab



How to make point cloud plot via Prescan and Matlab

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Prescan PBL-point cloud data generation 

1. Create experiment in Prescan
    Tesla model 3 has high reflective material on License plate
    Install the PBL(PCL) as default setting
    Please check the Output power! and Annotate!
    Viewer assignment setting 
    Build and go to the Matlab/SIMULINK
    You can see the point cloud data in Prescan viewer
    You cannot see any point cloud data via matalb plot right now
    but, you can find the data in workspace

2. Generate Point cloud data in matlab
    Go to the path as your Prescan installation folder
    C:\Program Files\Simcenter Prescan\Prescan_2022.1\Plugins\PointCloudLidarPlugin\matlab
    Copy the file displayPointCloudData.m and paste in the experiment folder
    we want to see the PointCloudLidar_1_pointcloud as plot
    please change the simout_pc_lidar1 to PointCloudLidar_1_pointcloud 
    Run the m.file after fishing your experiement
    I already done the experiment!

3. You can review the point cloud data af you run the experiment

Thank you!

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