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This demo presents a complete model of electric vehicle where the batteries, the electric motor and their coolant have been thermally modeled. It enables to study their temperature evolution as well as analyzing the energy flows using several Flowcharts.

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This example represents an electric vehicle. The driver model computes the braking pedal and accelerator pedal position signals in order to match the velocity profile. 
The control unit translates the acceleration demand into a motor torque demand, and splits the braking demand into a regenerative braking generator torque demand and a mechanical braking demand.

Thermal masses have been connected to the thermal ports for each electric component:
battery is cooled by convection with ambient air
converter is cooled by convection with coolant
motor is mainly cooled by convection with coolant but also by conduction across the casing. The latter is cooled by convection with ambient.
For the two remaining electrical components, each of them has been modeled with two thermal masses to measure their inner temperature gradients.
The electric cooling pump rotary speed is controlled to limit the temperature of the converter and the motor.
The operating cycle used is an American cycle: SFTP-US06, which represents a standard driving cycle. This cycle was repeated during the simulation.

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