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The latest NX product released on Jan-18-2019 contains an executable called NXGateway.exe that has been falsely flagged by a few virus checkers especially after their definition files were updated.
This issue will be addressed in our Feb-2019 Monthly Update (MU). Meanwhile, you can continue running NX by modifying virus checker settings to exclude NXGateway.exe or by removing NXGateway.exe manually from your NX package. NXGateway.exe is a service that starts on NX launch and connects to the Siemens server to check for the latest NX update and subscription services, and it has nothing to do with NX Gateway application. Removing NXGateway.exe from your package will not prevent users from running NX.
The fix that is planned with the Feb-2019 MU will address the issue with the virus checker and will also rename the utility to Siemens Cloud Connector Service, i.e., SccS.exe. After you download the Feb-2019 MU, the NX MSI installer will remove the old executable and replace it with the new executable. 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this time of change. For more information about NX monthly update which includes this fix, please contact the Global Technical Access Center in your local region or area.

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