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User changed the Object View of an entity of the robot to transparent, just so they can see through the robot a bit easier as they were making their simulation. But now they cannot change the object view back to a shaded solid. They have tried to Set Modeling scope of the robot to see if they can change the object view to shaded that way, but that did not do anything.


It seems this is Designed as Intended behavior.

Here is the Final Response from a similar PR:

The problem where "Cannot change in shaded mode anymore" has been investigated and the following has been found. 

The behavior of this PR is designed as intended as the transparency of the gripper is part of the prototype color, and we don't have a way to remove/adjust prototype transparency. Once a user sets Transparent mode to a component in modeling and ends the modeling, the transparency becomes part of the prototype. 

But there is a workaround: 

Start Modeling, change the color of the entity using Modify Color icon in the graphic window floating toolbar. 
End Modeling. 
Start Modeling, and change color of entity back to original color. 
End Modeling. Now the component entity is not transparent.

The key is the transparency is "part of the color" - change color, change transparency.

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Version: V14.0.2
Function: TOOLS

Ref: 001-9358695

KB Article ID# PL8007869



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