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How to disable to CADENAS Library for all users


The only way to currently hide this library is to remove it from all applications.

Before beginning, back up this file:  C:\Users\<<userid>>\AppData\Local\Siemens\NX120\ReuseLibraryConfiguration.krx

1. Exit NX.
2. Open this file in a text editor.
3. To remove the applications it is available in, simply delete the "Application" lines for this CADENAS Library, and re-save the file.
4. Have all users exit NX.
5. Move the modified ReuseLibraryConfiguration.krx file to UGII_SITE_DIR\startup
6. In Customer Defaults (Gateway-->Reuse Library-->General (tab)), set the Shared Library Configuration File to "Native File System" and point to the modified file: 

Please NOTE: There is a big disadvantage to this...the user's ReuseLibraryConfiguration.krx will take precedence over this global file, so you will need to make sure to remove the ReuseLibraryConfiguration.krx from all user's NX folder (C:\Users\<<userid>>\AppData\Local\Siemens\NX120\) while they are out of NX.

Notes and References

ER #8405435 - Need customer default to remove Cadenas Reuse Library for all users easily

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: KDA
Version: V12.0.2

Ref: 001-9356293

KB Article ID# PL8007865



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