Solid Edge Solid Edge Electrical Design closes with error message




When the User opens Solid Edge Electrical  they get an error:

"The Solid Edge Electrical Manager session has shut down  This application can no longer access the database.  The application will close without saving and you should restart the application"

In the detail of the error it says:

"Unable to establish connection with Solid Edge Electrical Integration Server. Please verify that your Solid Edge environment has CIS setup and running."


There is no setup of CIS (Computer Information System) required for Solid Edge Electrical so the last part of the error message is misleading.

We recommend that you install the latest Solid Edge Electrical Service Pack (this is different to the MP for Solid Edge)  and run the following check to see if there is another application using the ports 49901 or 49905 - if so, then that will explain why Solid Edge Electrical does not start.

Run the command line as an administrator and type in netstat –ab

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Application: SE_ELECTRICAL
Version: V219MP4
Function: OTHER

Ref: 002-8007807

KB Article ID# PL8007807



Associated Components

Electrical & Harness Design