NX NX1847 license : NX21001 disappeared + "NX License Borrow Option-No Longer Used"

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If I compare my new NX1847 license file with the old one for NX12 : 1) NX21001 disappeared 2) I worry about this message : "NX License Borrow Option-No Longer Used"
Please let me know if I will have problems with Borrowing after an upgrade to NX1847.


I am glad to show you a Software Field Bulletin, which confirms that NX21001 is not necessary anymore.
Note) if you are not subscribed to SFB letters, please let GTAC know if you would like to learn how to subscribe, in order to receive all these SFB Letters. And GTAC will explain to you.
SOLUTION) You can find this SFB in the GTAC Solution Center (https://solutions.industrysoftware.automation.siemens.com/) by just searching for this string : - SFB-All-11151 (read ALL, and not number "1" ..... I mean, not A-one-one) - or just hit "Advanced Search" button and search for ....... 11151 ...... and use the filter "Software Field Bulletin".
3) In the beginning of this SFB you can read these interesting sentences, and also others :
Effective May 2, 2017, all license files generated for customers with products that support borrowing and utilize the common licensing vendor daemon (ugslmd) will have borrowing enabled by default. In the past, a special 'borrowing' product had to be added to the software configuration to enable the license borrowing capability. This is no longer a requirement and any license file generated will include the BORROW keyword on the INCREMENT lines for those products.
The following product lines are affected:
Product Line Max. Borrow Borrow Product ------------ ----------- -------------- FactoryCAD 336 (14) FC21001 Jack 336 (14) JK21001 I-Deas 2880 (120) NX21001 Nastran 2880 (120) NX21001 NX 2880 (120) NX21001 Tecnomatix Quality 2160 (90) VS21001 Vis (stand alone) 336 (14) VS21001

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 10_1607
Product: NX
Application: SYSTEM
Version: V1847

Ref: 001-8404672

KB Article ID# PL8007728



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