Solid Edge Injection channel is not created.




When trying to specify an injection channel (runner) by a sketch, it doesn't create anything and you don't see an error box.


You might not have noticed an error shown in the message bar.  The most common reason for a runner not to be created is that the parting surface for the core/cavity set is not at the same plane as the Injector/Ejector mold plates. This can be caused by several different factors.  

1. If you did not redefine the opening point during the creation of the initial parting zone for the core/cavity set, you may not have realized it was not at the plane where the runner was going to come into the part

2. When creating the second parting zone for the mold plates you did not redefine the opening point to be at the same plane as the core/cavity block where the runner is to enter the core/cavity set

3. In V15 we do not support a gap between the mold plates.  If there is a non-zero value in the "clearance between parting plates" parameter in the options dialog, you will get this error. 

Another cause for not successfully creating a runner is that you cannot create the runner sketch at the parting plane.  It creates the runner by projecting the sketch on the parting plane and when the sketch lies directly on the projection plane it will not compute

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 732
Application: APPLICATION
Version: V219.0
Function: TOOLS

Ref: 002-8007667

KB Article ID# PL8007667



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