Solid Edge Mold Tooling only creates one block




Why did Mold Tooling create the Cavity block but not the Core block or vice versa?


1. Right-click Parting Zone in the Mold Tooling tab and choose "Edit Definition"

2. Navigate down the pathfinder until you find the 2 stitched surfaces toward the bottom of the tree. Whichever block did not get created, (Injection or Ejection) edit the stitched surface feature and change the tolerance to 1.00e-002 mm.  You can easily tell which stitched surface has the problem by using the "show non-stitched edges" command and selecting each stitched surface.  The one that contains internal unstitched boundaries is the one that needs the tolerance adjusted

3. After changing the tolerance and recomputing, return back to the top level assembly

4. In Place edit the core or cavity block that did not get cut by the parting surface and unsuppress the boolean feature at the end of the feature tree.  The parting surface should now cut the block.

5. Return to the top level and you should now see both the core and cavity block

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Application: APPLICATION
Version: V219.0
Function: TOOLS

Ref: 002-8007664

KB Article ID# PL8007664



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