Solid Edge How does the Geometry Inspector work?




How does the Geometry Inspector work?


Solid Edge provides options that allow you to detect and heal geometry when you import foreign data.  In some cases, you may import data without selecting these options. The failure to heal some types of geometry or the failure to check the body on import can lead to stitching problems. You may be unaware of the problem and unable to identify the start point to solve the problem.  The
Geometry Inspector command checks imported models and displays geometry that may contain problems.

When you select the Geometry Inspector command, a dialog box is displayed that allows you to inspect the geometry for the entire active model or for the selected geometry only. Once you specify the geometry you want to inspect, select the Go button to start the inspection process. The Geometry Faults area
of the dialog box displays the part name, the number of faults, the names of faults, and the feature name of the faults. Select a fault and the Geometry Fault Description area of the dialog box displays a description of the fault. You can use the Save As button on the dialog box to save the fault information
to an ASCII file. After you locate the problem geometry, you can orient the view to clearly see the problem before you dismiss the dialog box.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 764
Version: V219.0
Function: TOOLS

Ref: 002-8007657

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