NX X Why "Convert to PMI" creates PMI in a specification file, not UGMaster

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Using the function "Convert to PMI" to convert drawing objects, dimensions, annotations etc., in the assembly drawing file, you can get the converted objects either in the drawing file or in the master model part. How do you determine or control the 2 different scenarios? 


If the drawing view is added to the drawing from the drawing (specification) file itself, then the PMI data is placed in the the drawing specification file after using "Convert to PMI"
If the view is added to the drawing from the UGMaster (using View from Part) then the PMI data is placed in the UGMaster.
Unless you are using NX12 you can then use the new option: "Create in Master Model Part" which lets you create PMI in the master model part, rather than in the drawing part during the conversion, even if the view was added from the drawing (specification) file:

Convert to PMI --> Click Settings -->Create in Master Model Part

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: DRAFTING
Version: V11.0.2

Ref: 001-9336368

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