Solid Edge Components disappear and reappear at incorrect positions whilst zooming assembly




Components disappear and reappear at positions where they are normally not expected whilst zooming in and out of specific assembly documents.  Why is this and how to resolve?


Under certain circumstances (especially when using Assembly Features), the various cached levels of detail used for displaying models can lose their transform state.  Since the cached data is not able to interactively detect these discrepancies, the parts appear to move or shift whilst zooming in and out.  

Some of the workflow scenarios where these disconnects can occur have been addressed in subsequent releases and additional logic has been added in Solid Edge 2020 to enhance automatic detection of save models. 

However, as a workaround for existing use cases, the following workflow should rectify the situation:

  1. Open the assembly document that displays these symptoms.
  2. Activate all occurrences of the assembly.
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+'Refresh View' (View > Orient > Refresh View) to force a re-tessellation of all cached data.
  4. Execute a 'Save All' to update the persistent data saved with each part file.

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 10_1803
Application: ASSEMBLY
Version: V110MP10
Function: DISPLAY

Ref: 002-8007620

KB Article ID# PL8007620



Associated Components

Assembly Modeling