Solid Edge How to define a Solid Edge Template Administrator without DBA Privileges in SEEC

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Currently, to load Solid Edge Templates into Teamcenter, it seems necessary to have Database Administrator (DBA) privileges.  We would like to define a specific Group/Role to meet this need without having all the rights conferred by the DBA Group.

What are the minimum access rights required to load templates via the SEEC "Import Solid Edge Templates" utility? 


The utility to load the Solid Edge templates to Teamcenter is controlled by two Teamcenter preferences:

This defines the Teamcenter folder name containing the Solid Edge templates.  There is no requirement to attach this folder to Home (UserID).  A query is used to find the folder using the folder name and the UserID is defined by the preference SEEC_Template_Username. 

This defines the Teamcenter User ID that owns the folder defined by the preference SEEC_Template_Folder_Name.

Default Value infodba
The SEEC_Template_Username is by default a DBA user but can also be another user.  In the SEEC admin guide you will find the following remark about uploading the templates:

You must have write access to both the Teamcenter application directory (TC_ROOT) and the Teamcenter Data directory (TC_DATA) in order to import Solid Edge templates into Teamcenter. 
The templates are loaded to the Home folder of the user defined with SEEC_Template_Username.  To use the templates all Solid Edge users must have access to this folder. 
Please be aware that infodba does not consume a Teamcenter license, if you define another user a Teamcenter license is required. 

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Platform: INTEL
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Version: V219.0
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