NX Milling a Number of Pockets in a Single Operation when the Pockets are on Different Levels.

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The Part Geometry in a manufacturing assembly has a large number of pockets on different Z levels. Can these pockets be cut in a single operation? The desired tool path would cut each pocket using the set Depth of Cut value.


1. Create a Floor and Wall operation.

2. No Cut Area Floor geometry will be used, rather, only Wall Geometry is selected.

3. The Tool Axis is set to the +ZM Axis .

4. The Cut Region Containment is set to the Walls option.

5. The Z-Depth Offset causes the tool to cut below the pocket when milling through the part. The Floor Blank Thickness needs to be something larger than the Depth Per Cut . If this value is too small than no cutter step down milling will occur. Only one cut level at the lowest depth will be created.

6. The finish cut might look something like the picture below.


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