Solid Edge How to create a comprehensive set of log files in the event of a Solid Edge close?




In the case of Solid Edge closing with a 'Termination Log' message pointing to a log file named crashlogf.txt the application creates a set of log files in the %temp% folder as one of the last actions.  In such a case it is advisable to reproduce the crash once again using a minimum number of steps in order to get an optimized set of log files.

How to create a set of log files so that it captures the most comprehensive information?


The following steps describe how to create such a set of log files.

  1. Start Solid Edge.
  2. Execute the steps which lead into the close. In doing so try to reduce the number of steps to the most necessary ones.
  3. Answer the question regarding emailing the log file with 'No' if the 'Termination Log' message pops up.
  4. After the session is closed open a Windows Explorer/File Explorer.
  5. Enter %temp% into the input field of the 'Locations'.
  6. Sort the column 'Date modified' descending (newest files at the top).
  7. Find and select the following files (where xxx is a placeholder indicating the versions like 110, 219, etc.): cmdlog Vxxx.txt, crashlogf.dmp, crashlogf.txt
  8. Ensure that the date/time of these files is associated to the date/time of the close.
  9. Copy the selected files to the clipboard (Ctrl + C).
  10. Create a new folder in e.g. C:\Temp.
  11. Choose a folder name with the syntax crashlog_yyyymmdd_index (example folder name: crashlog_20190123_a).
  12. Open this newly created folder in C:\Temp.
  13. Paste (Ctrl + V) the previously generated and copied log files to this folder.
  14. Go back to C:\Temp.
  15. Add the crashlog folder with the containing log files to an archive (e.g. crashlog_20190123_a.7z).
  16. Share this compressed archive file with GTAC.

Notes and References

  • If it is possible, it would be very helpful to document the above steps at the same time in a video.
  • If the steps which lead into the crash are not that clear it would be very useful to repeat the above steps several times, to get different sets of log files (e.g. crashlog_20190123_a.7z, crashlog_20190123_b.7z, crashlog_20190123_c.7z, ...) which will hopefully capture the routines causing the close.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
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Application: APPLICATION
Function: TOOLS

Ref: 002-8007558

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