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Is it possible to have a machine tool assembly model load in a certain configuration when it is brought into a CAM setup assembly? For example, load the assembly with the machine guard/housing components not visible by default. 


This is controlled by the assembly state of the library machine kinematics model file. To make an assembly come in with certain components not loaded, we have to change the reference set in use in that library machine model. 

 - Open up the kinematics machine assembly from the "installed_machines" folder of the NX library path.

 - Change to the Assembly Navigator.

 - Expand the assembly structure.

 - Select a guard or housing component.

 - MouseButton3-->Replace Reference Set-->Empty

 - Repeat for all the components that should not be loaded by default.

 - Save the file.

 - Close all parts.

Now, when this machine is loaded from the library into a CAM setup, the assembly will load without those components. 

These components can be made visible again in the current mfg setup: 

 - Switch to the Assembly Navigator.

 - Expand the assembly structure.

 - Pick the empty box in front of the missing component to try and load it (which puts a gray check mark in the box). NX will issue a message that the item is in an excluded reference set.

 - Select the component, 'MouseButton3-->Replace Reference Set-->MODEL', to load the items and use a valid reference set (which puts the red check mark in the box and shows the components on screen).


KB Article ID# PL8007543



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