NX Finished Machined Sacrificial Plate Needed for NX CAM Setup

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Sacrificial Fixture Plate is need for NX CAM Setup. The image below shows the Sacrificial Blank in its Initial Setup state...with no machining done.

The need is to produce a Sacrificial Fixture Plate in it's "Finished Machined" state.


 ---Go to the Geometry View.

---Edit the WORKPIECE - (MouseButton3 (MB3) on WORKPIECE and Select 'Edit')(see image below).

---Edit the Part Geometry (see image below).

The Part Geometry dialog is displayed.

 ---Select each Set and the X to remove all Part Geometry

When complete...the Part Geometry dialog should appear as seen below.

---Select OK and Edit the Blank Geometry.

The Blank Geometry dialog box is displayed.

---Select each Set and the X to remove all Blank Geometry.

Very Important:

---Select the sacrificial plate for your new Blank .

---Select OK until the Mill Geom dialog box is no longer displayed.



Change to the Program Order View

---Go to the Program Order View and select all the operations.

Note: All the operations will appear out if date . This is fine and to be expected.

---MB3, on the selected operations, and select 'Object-->Approve' (see image below).

The operations will now show in the "Approve" state (see image below).

---MB3 on  operations and select 'Workpiece-->Show 3D'.

---MB3 on the final operation and select 'Workpiece-->Save as...'.

The "Save Workpiece As" dialog will display.

---Input your desired location and filename.

Note: You can now use the saved work piece as the finished sacrificial setup plate.


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