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How to pass analysis results to designers (or other team members) in a form that they can easily review.


In summary, the process is:

* display the results within the post-processing task

* export a '.jt' file

* import the '.jt' file into NX or Simcenter to view it

In more detail:

1.  Within the post-processing task, create the desired display of the analysis results of interest.  In the example shown below, element-nodal, un-averaged, von mises stress results are displayed on the un-deformed geometry:

2.  Export a '.jt' file of the analysis results - select the 'post view' item from within the 'post-processing navigator', then 'rhmb, new jt file':

3.  The created '.jt' file can be opened by any user running NX or Simcenter by using the pull-down menu command 'file, open', filtering for '.jt' files and then selecting the newly created '.jt' file:

4.  Once the '.jt' file has been opened within NX or Simcenter, the analysis results will be displayed as a 3D model which can be viewed dynamically (zoom, rotate, pan) as per any other part:

5.  If the display of the part shows unwanted element edges, the display can be improved by turning 'off' the option to display 'face edges' from within the 'visualization' section of the 'view' ribbon bar:

6.  With 'face edges' no longer displayed, a less 'cluttered' image is generated:


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