Plant Simulation What is the behavior of Plant Simulation when the license server goes down?

Plant Simulation



Customers use PlantSimulation as a floating license.
But there are few questions from license management point of view :
1) What happens to the application when the license stops while using the application?
Example: After X minutes attempts to reacquire licenses, but if it can not be acquired during that period, forced termination etc.
2) What is the behavior of application when the license server stops for 5 minutes while using the application.  (In the case of redundant configuration, all license servers are stopped)
3) Will it be possible to continue using the application without trouble if the license server recovers within minutes?

4) When continuing to use with the connection with the license server disconnected, the following error message may be displayed. At what timing is the client PC checking the connection with the license server?
 Error message:
 "The connection to the license server has been lost. If there is no license, the application will terminate. Do you want to save the model before exiting?"


Following are the corresponding answers for the questions above :

Answer 1:
If the license server is down for more than 15 minutes a message box appears which informs the user and offers to save the model.
 Answer 2:
 A stop for 5 minutes shouldn't be noticeable.
 Answer 3:
 Yes, if the license server is up again with 15 minutes the application keeps running.
 Answer 4:
 The license server is checked every 5 minutes.
Note : Once the connection could not be reestablished the user is offered to save the model in the current state (i.e. time for more than 15mins).

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Version: V13.0
Function: ALL

Ref: 002-8007441

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