NX wrong output using File => Plot in NX with RASTER/RTL (PCL) models

NX System Administration



Starting with NX 12 in some cases the output of the File => Plot command in NX causes distorted results when the used model is defined as RASTER/RTL. This also might happen when you try to use RASTER/RTL to communicate with a PCL printer.


There are several possibilities that might help to work around this behavior:
 - set the additional environment variable "UGII_CGM_RASTER_ELEMENT=rle_cell" to modify the CGM output
 - modify the parameters for Rendering if you are using PCL
       Rendering: +PCL3GUI +RGB +QL100
       Post Processing: +RGB
 - check if it is possible to use another configuration for the model Setup (HPGL, PS, ...)
 - copy the NXPLOT directory from NX 11 to your NX 12 installation

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: GATEWAY
Version: V12.0
Function: PLOTTING

Ref: 002-8007347

KB Article ID# PL8007347



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