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The SE CID is changing if customer is using VPN. So all SE CID based licensing (e.g. Home Use Licensing) will fail.  How to resolve?


There are two possibilities to fix the SE CID while using VPN.  The user may have to adapt following steps, but the principle is essentially correct.

1) SE CID calculation is based on the first network card, so the user has to fix the order of them (built-in, virtual, .etc) 
1. Pick the network card to which you want to lock (it is recommended you use the hard NIC connection over the wireless).
2. Configure that card so that it is always enabled.
3. Make that card the first to be connected by your network services:
    a. Go to Network Connections. 
    b. Click Advanced from the file menu bar.
    c. Click Advanced Settings.
    d. Move the card you selected to the top of the list by selecting it.

2) If VPN changes its virtual MAC Address, it should be possible to fix it.  You can set a permanent MAC address for the virtual adapter, just follow the instructions below:
1. Do an ipconfig /all and make a note of the MAC address the adapter has currently. 
2. Go to Device Manager->Select View->Show Hidden Devices->Expand Network Adapter Tree.
3. Find Juniper Network Connect Virtual Adapter, right click and select "Properties"->"Advanced" Tab and select MAC Address.
4. Enter the MAC address you made a note of in step 1. 

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Platform: INTEL
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OS Version: 864
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