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Customer has got Mentor FloEFD dynamics analysis solution built into NX, and special license file for it.
They use the only License Server, and want to combine NX license file and FloEFD license file. 
Is it possible?


NX and Mentor FloEFD solver has diferent vendors: ugslmd for NX, and mgcld for FloEFD.
According to the fnp_LicAdmin guide: combination is possible for different vendors, if License Server is the same, and License Server host id has the same type in these License files. 
It means, that in both files host id should be defined in the same way: both by COMPOSITE, or both by MAC address.

If in the license files host id has the same type (e.g. both is defined by COMPOSITE), we can conbine such files, just by listing all vendors:

SERVER <server_name> COMPOSITE
INCREMENT <from file 1>
INCREMENT <from file 2>

Unfortunatelly, customer's NX license file has COMPOSITE host id, but FloEFD license file has MAC address host id.
In this case it's impossible to combine such license files. The only way is to create several License Services.

According to FloEFD documentation (Installation and Licensing), they should set specific environment variable to the license file name and file location. Reboot the PC.
Then create new Service for mgcld vendor:
- run LMTools \ Config Services tab
- input new Service Name
- add the pathnames for lmgrd.exe, license.dat and debug.log
- select 'use Service'
- save Service

FLEXLM supports this feature, but it's not a part of standard license procedure.

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Platform: all
OS: n/a
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Product: NX
Application: PLATFORMS
Version: V12.0.2
Function: FLEXLM

Ref: 002-8007255

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