NX Post Builder Posts are no Longer Included in the NX1847 Sample Installed Machine Kits.

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Previously both Post Builder and Post Configurator posts were included with the sample Installed Machine Kits . Starting in NX1847 the Post Builder posts will no longer be included but will now use Post Configurator as the default. How can the Post Builder posts be added back in? The picture below shows the Sim01 NX12 Installed Machine Kits that have been removed in NX1847 .


Below is the list of Installed Machine Kits available in NX1847 . As can be seen these Post Builder posts above are now missing.


If a Post Builder post needs to be brought back than this post will need to be copied from the NX12.0.2 Post Processing folder on the GTAC download site and added back into the installed machine. A simulation "dat " file will need to be copied into the installed machine folder and an entry made to the machine_database.dat to make these available.


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