NX 10-parameter tool is not available for Adaptive Milling

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A special high feed mill has been defined as a 10-parameter tool in NX manufacturing. When the programmer creates an Adaptive Milling operation, this tool is not shown in the list of tools available for use. 


This is a current software limitation. Adaptive milling is designed around square end mills, so various tool types like radiused end mills, ball mills, and 7- or 10-parameter tools are not supported. From the Help documentation section titled "Adaptive Milling Notes":



Bull nose tools are not supported completely. NX checks for a corner radius on the tools and outputs a warning. Adaptive milling operations may leave material when the corner radius of the tool is greater than 10% of the tool diameter.


The inference is that if bull nose tools are not fully supported, then the more complex geometry of a 10-parameter tool with several radii in the cutter profile will not be supported either.

Options to complete the roughing for this job would be to either use Adaptive Milling with a plain square end mill, or use the 10-parameter tool with a normal cavity mill operation. 


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