NX X All the Object Sources start vibrating during MCD simulation unexpectedly.

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During simulation of MCD model, Object Sources get unstable and start bouncing/shaking/vibrating and moving unexpectedly. 
Setting Mechatronics Concept Designer Preferences like Physics Engine nor Runtime Control improved the behavior. 


Set correct mass properties for the involved Rigid Body of the "floor" for the Object Sources.  

This Rigid Body (floor) was part of a Hinge Joint, and the Hinge Joint got unstable due to very low Mass of the Attachment.

The Rigid Body Object were sheets. Replace the sheets with a proper solid and used that solid as Rigid  Body Object. Now set Rigid Body Mass Properties=Automatic in order to calculate the correct Mass and  Inertia. During simulation the objects do not vibrate anymore when the rest on the floor.

The root cause of the problem was "joints between bodies with a very high mass ratio". Meaning: the mass of base is much higher/lower than mass of attachment.

The involved "floor" was a Rigid Body containing 7 sheets, with Mass Properties set to "User Defined" with Mass value set very low. Mass Properties=Automatic was greyed out due to the sheet bodies.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: XP64_SP2
Product: NX
Version: V12.0.2
Function: RUN_TIME

Ref: 001-9233244

KB Article ID# PL8006975



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