Solid Edge File Names not displaying on tabs.

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File names are not displaying in the tabs.


When opening multiple files in Solid Edge, tabs are displayed for each file. If the filenames are not being properly displayed, it is probably the result of setting the option to "Use Solid Edge data management" (Manage tab of Solid Edge Options dialog) as well as checking the option "Automatically name files via Document Number and Revision" on the Document Naming Rule tab of the Manage page of Solid Edge Options. Checking this box also activates the Document Name Formula at the bottom of this dialog which defaults to using "Document Number/Revision". If a document number has not been populated for the file, it simply shows the property name "Document Number" in the tab. If you use the Edit Formula button on this same dialog, you can use the Clear button and then select the appropriate property(s) from the dropdown list. This affects what is shown in the tab for the file as well as what is displayed in Assembly PathFinder for the file.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Version: V110MP10
Function: SEDM

Ref: 001-9301005

KB Article ID# PL8006921



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