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Can no longer auto constrain a Pattern Curve in Sketcher.


When working in large Sketch, you may come across this message:

Some settings and preferences are not set to ideal states for large sketches.
Do you want the settings adjusted now to optimal states?
Clicking 'Yes' will: - Turn off the 'Create Inferred Constraints' check box.
- Turn off the 'Continuous Auto Dimensioning' check box.
- Turn on the 'Display Object Color' check box.
- Turn off the 'Display Object Name' check box.
- Turn off the 'Display Vertices' check box.
- Turn off the 'Display Degree-of-Freedom Arrows' check box.

In toggling the YES for this will prevent the Pattern Curve in the sketcher to
retain the original constraints of the curves being patterned.

In the Sketch Prefernece, toggle ON the 'Display Degree-of-Freedom Arrows'.
This should then resolve the issue allowing the sketch curves patterned to be

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: DESIGN
Version: V12.0.2
Function: SKETCHER

Ref: 001-9297706

KB Article ID# PL8006866



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