NX Positioning a Faceted Body to the Correct Location to be used as Blank Geometry in a Turning Program.

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A forging was set up on a CMM and a faceted body was created from that forging using a scanning head. This faceted body was than imported into NX so that it could be used as Blank Geometry in a CAM Turning program. The faceted body was not in the correct position relative to the Part Geometry , though. How can this faceted body be repositioned so that it is correctly aligned with the Part Geometry ?


1. Create a Datum Plane on a flat face using the Inferred option. Select three Points on a Face to create the feature.

2. Use the Datum Plane At Distance option to create auxiliary planes.

3. Use the Section Curve option along with the auxiliary plane created in the last step to create a section curve through the faceted body.

4. The Optimize 2D Curve option is used to convert the section spline curve into an arc.

5. Create a CSYS on the arc from the last step and one on the Part Geometry . Transform the faceted body using the CSYS to CSYS Motion option to align the body to the part. The Blank and Part Geometry might look something like the picture below when done.


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