NX How to abort post processing if the path status is 'empty tool path'

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If an operation has a path status of "Empty Tool Path" (the empty rectangle icon in the Path column of the Operation Navigator) the post needs to see this and stop post processing. 


The post builder does have a variable that tracks this status: mom_empty_path

It will have a value of either "Yes" or "No" as a text string.

A sample application would be the following custom command placed in the Start of Path event in 

the post:


global mom_empty_path 

global m 


if { $mom_empty_path == "Yes" } { 

 MOM_abort "operation $mo 

m_operation_name has no valid path" 



This logic will abort post processing entirely. The pop-up error dialog will contain the error text in the MOM_abort command naming the problem operation, for example:

      Received an error 1770006 

      File name: o:\ugnx1202\ip9\src\camsmom\ 

      no\ind\mom_tcl_definitions.c, line number: 626 

      Error Message: Abort Message : 

      operation RECT_GROOVE_MILLING has no valid path, Handler: C:\test_post.tcl, 

      Event name: MOM_start_of_path, See syslog for more details


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