Tecnomatix Quality Management DPV ETL - Entries in ETLConfigExplorer web.config file causing errors

Dimensional Planning Validation CMM/DMIS



After installation of DPV ETL, attempting to launch the Config Explorer shortcut results in a "not authorized to view this page" error, despite the domain user being a local admin, with all required access. Also, attempting to log in to the Administration section results in the message "Failed to establish connection with SQL Server. Please check." 

It was found that entries in the web.config file found in the DPVETLENTWebApps\ETLConfigExplorer directory were causing the issue. The entry created by the installation process is as follows:


Looking at another environment where things were working, this entry was changed by removing the "tcp" and "Portnum" entries:


Doing this fixed the issue upon re-launching the Config Explorer page. 


Having MultiSubnetFailover=True is the result of not unchecking SQL AlwaysON checkbox at installation time.

Seeing the tcp and PortNum are also part of the same selection.

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Application: QUALITY
Version: P10.1.7
Function: DPV

Ref: 001-9276722

KB Article ID# PL8006529



Associated Components

3D Measurements Enterprise Foundation Package Graphical Report Automation Graphical Report Viewer Historical Report Viewer Inspection Devices Lite Foundation Package Reporting & Analysis Single Part Reporting