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When a NX assembly containing components originating from JT data is exported to STEP AP 203/214, the JT component geometry is not appearing in the STEP file. 
How to get the complete assembly to export? 


In order to export geometry from NX originating from a JT file to STEP format the data must contain B-rep representation and it must be loaded into NX in a way that the STEP translator can read.

To check if the JT file representing JT data component contains any B-rep data you need open the file in NX and do File --> Properties, JT File tab.
If the Extract Exact Data button in grayed out, it indicates there are no B-rep data in the JT file.

If this is the case you need to have a look at the "tessUG.config" file you use for your NX to JT translation when you create your JT data. There is an "XTbrep" parameter in this file that needs to be "True".
This will of course increase the size of your JT file.

In addition, when you load your JT data into NX1847-series and earlier, for the translation to STEP, there is a NX customer default related to JT files that need to be correctly set in order for the STEP translator to include the B-rep data originating from the JT file, (or you can manually press the "Extract Exact JT Data" button for each component).
Specific setting is, under Gateway --> JT Files, Extract Exact Data tab,
- Initially Extract Exact Data: All JT Files

In NX1872 the process of opening JT files in NX have been automated in the sense that opening a JT assembly where the components contain XTbrep assembly load option "Fully Load" will be turned on resulting in all XTbrep data being loaded.

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Platform: INTL64
OS: windows
OS Version: 1064
Product: NX
Application: TRANSLATOR
Version: V1872
Function: STEP_AP214

Ref: 001-9268912

KB Article ID# PL8006453



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