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NX support of 3rd party tools:

There has been some confusion on NX support policy of .NET and other vendor tools, such as JAVA, OS patches, etc... and specifically on the difference between the "certified" and "supported" versions.



NX typically "certifies" the vendor tool versions that are in place during the design, build, and testing of a particular NX Release. We do not "re-certify" (that is "re-test") any NX Release after it's been released.

In rare cases, 3rd party vendors, such as graphics card or VDI makers will work with us test new tools on their side which may be documented as "certified" post-release to make new products available to customers as soon as possible. But this done only with tools that are not embedded to NX.

A vendor may update or release new versions of their tools after an NX Release is made available to customers. In such cases, we claim "support" for those new versions based on the vendors claims of upward compatibility.

That is, if the vendor claims that the new tools will work with the same software as the old tools. Siemens development and GTAC will support such versions.

If problems are ever discovered with newer versions of vendor tools where they have claimed compatibility, those problems will be documented in the form of SFB's, FAQ, caveats, README files, or other appropriate materials, to make customers aware of a non-standard condition and the versions of the 3rd party tools that they need to avoid using with NX.

Naturally, for the case where a vendor claims a new release is not compatible with the certified version, then NX would not be supported either.

Full "certification" for new vendor versions, including re-testing, would be done when upon release of new NX Releases, again using the most current version available at the time of that design, build, test cycle.

Microsoft .NET support specifics:

Of particular concern for this FAQ is the question of support of Microsoft .NET with NX 12.

NX 12 was designed and is "certified" on .NET 4.6 as that is the version included in the VS2015 compiler used to build NX 12.
However, NET 4.6.x and 4.7.x are also "supported" based on he vendor's claims of upward compatibly.

In this case the claim of Microsoft states: 
"…The .NET Framework 4.7.2 can be used to run applications built for the .NET Framework 4.0 through 4.7.1…"

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For further information, please refer to Microsoft's .NET compatibility policy:

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