NX X How to set up in advance a Save Options dialog configuration

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By default "ootb" the Save Options are set this way

Customer might want to enforce a different set-up by default.


This set-up can be achieved mainly by properly tweaking some customer defaults, with one exception (Save Drawing CGM Data) because this option is stored within the part and will be retrieved when opening that part.
Here the list of customer defaults to edit.

- Analysis > Weight Management: enable "Generate Weight Data" and enforce "Always Generate" for the Override Generate Weight Data preference (doing that the "Generate Weight Data" in the Save Options will be always enabled and the user will not be allowed to disable it there);

- Gateway > JT files, Export tab: enable the "Save JT Data" option;

- Drafting > General/Setup, Miscellaneous tab: disable "Save CGM Data in Part" but, as mentioned above, consider this is a part-specific (Scope is Part) preference and will be stored and retained within each part (however this option will be disabled by default for new empty blank parts);

- Gateway > General, Part tab: set "None" for the "Save Data for Feature Edit" option at the bottom;

-  Assemblies > Site Standards, True Shape tab: enable the "Generate Component Shape Representation on Save" option and set a nonzero value for "Cell Size" option (e.g. 10.0); 

- Gateway > General, Part tab: disable the "Share Geometry on Save" option;

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTL64
OS: window
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: GATEWAY

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