Solid Edge Need die block body and enclosure body to be associative to each other




Need die block body and enclosure body to be associative to each other in 
single part (.par) file. 


This is for doing die stamping designs with Solid Edge. The designs use machined die blocks, and it is preferred to use Synchronous design techniques for the die blocks because of the nature of the simple shapes and editing. One of the needs is to know the size of raw stock needed to start with for each 
die block design. Once the model is complete, as machined, would like to have a representation of the raw material (block) that is required prior to machining. The best solution within the part file itself is to utilize the new Enclosure command. The Enclosure command is a new tool in the Multi-Part suite of options that will create a block, cylinder, or sphere enveloping the current body in the file. The key to the associativity between the two die blocks is to have the Enclosure body be an Ordered feature body, encompassing the Synchronous machined body. When the Synchronous machined body is modified the Ordered Enclosure body will automatically update with it. 

Notes and References

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 1064
Version: V219.0
Function: MULTI_BODY

Ref: 001-9265708

KB Article ID# PL8006269



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