NX X NX to JT translation has changed its behavior to show JT name the same as NX

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In NX 10.0 and previous the result name of the JT file translated from NX is "<ItemID>_<Rev>.jt".
So it will look like: 000118_A.jt or 001234_01.jt.

This is according to what is shown in the Assembly navigator "ItemID/Rev".

Since NX 11.0 the name in the Assembly navigator is shown as "ItemID/Rev;version-Item Name" 

This is also reflected in the name on the JT file. Since NX 11.0 it will by default look like:

"<ItemID>_<Rev>_<version>_<Item Name>.jt"

So for example: 000118_A_1_Bolt.jt or 001234_01_2_Support.jt

How to get back the old behavior?


If you would like to get back the old behavior in NX 11.0 and later, as it was in NX 10.0.

To do so, you will need to change the tessUG.config file in the ugConfig{} section by adding:

              appendTCIdentifiers = "UNIQUE_ITEM_IDENTIFIERS"

So it will look like this:


Notes and References

IR 9257963

Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: all
OS: n/a
OS Version: n/a
Product: NX
Application: TRANSLATOR
Version: V12.0
Function: NX_JT

Ref: 002-8006220

KB Article ID# PL8006220



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