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How to set up a Design Simulation in Simcenter 3D? 


The first few steps in Simcenter 3D (v12) workflow for setting up a Design Simulation are slightly different than how they are in NX. Let's discuss this with an example NX tutorial that's available on Learning Advantage (see picture below).

We need to open the *.prt file first and set up Design Simulation by clicking File --> All Applications --> Simulation --> Design Simulation and then selecting appropriate Solver , Analysis and Solution types as shown in picture below.

This would work the way it is in NX but if we are trying to set this up in Simcenter 3D, we won't see Design Simulation available in the list of All Applications as shown below.

To set up a Design simulation in Simcenter 3D, we need to follow a slightly different workflow. The steps necessary to do so are described below.

  • After opening the part file, create *.fem file by clicking File --> New and selecting NX Nastran Design for solver and Structural for analysis type as shown below and click OK .

  • Then create *.sim file by selecting NX Nastran Design for solver and click OK . In the pop up window, make sure to have the *.fem file created in previous step as the Associated FEM and click OK .

  • The Solution window will pop up then and you can see the required options (Solver , Analysis and Solution types) for setting up a Design Simulation as shown below. Choose the results you want to output and click OK .

  • Once set up, the remaining analysis steps can be followed exactly how they are in NX (see the NX tutorial referred to earlier).
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