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September 11, 2018
Dear Solid Edge Customer: 
Solid Edge ST10 Maintenance Pack 10 is now available for download.
The Solid Edge Team 
Maintenance Pack Version:
Solid Edge ST10 MP10
Download Location:
Solid Edge ST10 Maintenance Packs can be downloaded from:
• MSI Product Updates can be applied on top of the base release and or existing Product Update with a lesser version.
• MSI Product Updates are all inclusive, i.e. fixes delivered in MP3 include all fixes delivered in MP1 and MP2.
• MSI Product Updates calculate free disk space before installing. Please be patient.
• MSI Product Updates are uninstalled via the Control Panel (Uninstall a program –> View installed updates -> Uninstall).
• MSI Product Updates can be uninstalled without having to remove the base Solid Edge product.
• Uninstalling an MSI Product Update will restore the installation to the state before the Product Update was applied.
• When uninstalling, the original source media must be available to allow the recovery of previous file versions.
• he current MSI Product Update will be the only Update listed and available for uninstallation. 
• After the current Product Update is uninstalled the previous Product Update will become the current Update.
• .zip files delivered with this MP such as:,, and are complete product setups. Therefore, existing versions of these installs must be removed using Uninstall a program from the Control Panel before installing the new version.
E-mail Notification: 
To receive direct e-mail notifications for new Solid Edge Maintenance Packs, subscribe to the SFBmail notification.
For details on initiating your email subscription navigate to: 
This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:
PR 9176945: Valid relationships are unsatisfied after replacing FOA member
PR 9200549: XpresRoute crashes while editing Tube Properties
PR 8358637: Assembly relationships get failed in case of replacing frame section
PR 9214427: Attribute writing failed and causes crash
PR 9114443: After highlighting an assembly sketch while IPA into a part profile, all of the 
PR 9190834: Fixed a crashlog abort in the Override Relationship command
PR 9193067: FOA asm works weird depending which member is  active when saving
PR 9219991: SE crashes when trying to open the main-assembly
PR 9070763: failing assembly center-plane relationships
PR 9043888: Copy of subassembly placed when clicking in Pathfinder
PR 9122932: associative included 2d edges from embedded weldments are not binding
PR 9163871: "Engineering reference"(Gear design update problem)
PR 9189518: inactive mode caused prevented some modifications to a drawing view (e.g. dragging the caption)
PR 9197124: Retrieve dimension creates a Zero dimension
PR 9212300: Block Library Draft File is Opening Inactive and cannot edit block
PR 9214776: Views not allowing reorientation
===Part/Sheet Metal===
PR 9219978: problem to apply sheet metal gage settings
PR 9232884: Accelerated Sketch Display causes the sketch to Move
PR 9199752: Cutout is disappearing on a rolled Sheet metal part
PR 9088168: SolidWorks assembly file opening error 
PR 9106273: Imported DWG does not contain the scale text in the title block 
PR 9173023: AutoCAD Export Error
PR 9188136: SolidEdgeTranslationServices.exe crashes for parts without solids to JT
PR 9111150: Error during Solid Works data migration
PR 8387280: Error during Solid Works data migration - "migration terminated"
PR 9084779: The mouse selection filter doesn't work in 3DSketch environment
PR 9180063: Edge bar add page event not fired if no connection to app events exists
PR 8388364: SetPDMProperties doesn't support Name Prefix Item / ItemRevision
===Data Management===
PR 9227293: Avoid unnecessary rebuild index if no change in property schema
===Design Manager===
PR 9171952: Revision in Design Manger gives ascending revision letters 
PR 9190873: Save-As function in Design Manager not finding all linked files in Insight mode
PR 9206378: Particular workflow is prompting user to check in edited files instead of Upload
===Teamcenter Integration for Solid Edge===
PR 9186305: The mapped date attribute shifts to displayed time after uploading to Teamcenter
PR 9212514: Provide an API to create BOM structures for TEL data
PR 8385443: Search window persists after closing, crashes application if Search used
PR 9216969: "Save as" from assembly in existing item fails in SESE when multiple obj 
PR 9217594: You cannot request write access or modify assembly that already open in checkout
PR 9229932: SaveAs is performed the SEEC_BeforeCPDDisplay passes CPD_NEW_FILE
PR 9174734: SEEC / Active Workspace error at login: Unable to get property uid
PR 9201997: Issues with Solid Edge Data Preparation Utility

Product Information:
  • Product: SOLID_EDGE

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