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Does NX12 support use of a convergent body as a part or blank for manufacturing? 


Yes, but this requires an update to NX12.0.2. As noted in the What's New Guide:


Support for convergent geometry in CAM (12.0.2) 

What is it? 

Convergent modeling is a new initiative in NX that allows designers to 

directly work with polygon or faceted geometry, and treat it like other 

geometry types such as bodies, faces, planes, and curves. This new modeling 

system lets you use scanned modeling data imported into NX from other CAD 

systems, without requiring you to convert any of the surfaces to usable 


Convergent body and face selection is now available in NX CAM. You can create 

tool paths based on convergent geometry, using the following operation 

subtypes and drive methods: 

Cavity Milling 

Area Milling 



Guiding Curve 

Multi Blade 

Tube Milling 

Multi-axis Deposition

Note: You can convert a facet body to convergent geometry by using the 

'Edit-->Facet Body-->Convert' command in the Modeling application. 


Note that an environment variable is also required so the software will allow the actual selection of a convergent body when defining part or blank objects in the can session:


There is not a "convergent body" category in the Type Filter list, but if this option is set to 'No Selection Filter' NX will find and allow that body type if this environment variable is in place.


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