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If we open .prt file with NX11, I get the "New Iray+ Ray Traced Studio Rendering" message.

There is the sentence that "Any System Materials found in this part are converted the new Iray+ materials" into its message.

Are there any effects on "Library Materials" and "Local Materials" using in order to perform the simulation by converting any System Materials to the new Iray+ materials?


In NX11 we introduced a new High End Visualization rendering engine (Iray rendering) which requires new materials. So upon loading the part, we convert all legacy materials to the new material types as much as possible. The materials that will be converted are those with names matching the ones in the NX11 System Materials palette. 

All other are converted to using the image with green Iray+ logo on it - to indicate to users that they have to reapply new Iray+ materials.

If you don't want to convert you can set the variable "NX_RTS_IRAY=0" in the C:\...\NX11\UGII\ugii_env.dat file. After restarting NX11 you'll see the same as with NX10

When material convert is performed, information such as the property value originally held is retained

You can perform analysis without any problem.Actually these are Visualization Rendering Materials and nothing to do with CAE analysis.


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