Solid Edge How to prevent 2D user from checking out a Solid Edge Classic license

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Have five seats of Solid Edge Classic and 3 seats of Solid Edge 2D - 
Maintenance version. Several users should ONLY use the Solid 
Edge 2D product. But if they start Solid Edge before all of the Solid Edge 
Classic licenses are checked out, they get a Solid Edge Classic license. How 
to prevent them from getting a Solid Edge Classic license? 


Flexlm provides an Options file. Solid Edge License Manager installs with file 
"selmd.opt". This is a text file that can be edited with notepad. 
This file gives you the ability to administer license file access at the user 
First you will need to define/specify which users you are going to prevent 
from checking out a Solid Edge Classic license. 
The simplest way is to use the EXCLUDE option and a specific USER name and 
specify the license feature you do not want that user to have access to.

So for example, to prevent the user wilson from checking out a 
Solid Edge Classic license, add the following Exclude statement to the 
selmd.opt file:

EXCLUDE solidedgeclassic USER wilson

You can also define a GROUP of users to exclude from using solidedgeclassic 
license feature. First define the GROUP

GROUP draftusers wilson smith johnson jones (GROUP name is draftusers and the 
members are wilson, smith, johnson, and jones)

Then add the statement: EXCLUDE solidedgeclassic GROUP draftusers (this will 
exclude the members of GROUP draftusers from getting a solidedgeclassic 

There are other options as explained in the FLEXlm User Guide that is 
delivered with Solid Edge media.

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