NX X Teamcenter attributes are supurceding NX attributes in NX integration

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If NX attribute is a Number type and TeamCenter attribute mapped is String type if the file is open in NX the same attribute become string type and values also get erased.

Steps to Duplicate: 
o Create a part in Native NX with attributes as shown below
Title/Alias     Value      Units      Type
Double         200          mm        Number
Integer         300          mm        Number
String           100          mm        Number

o Perform attribute mapping as below:

{ Dataset type="UGMASTER" 
"DB_PART_NAME" : Item.object_name /write_once /description="Part Name" 
"DB_PART_DESC" : Item.object_desc /write_once /description="Part Description" 

String : ItemRevision.a5String /master=both /allow_null_value /description="String" 
Integer : ItemRevision.a5Integer /master=both /allow_null_value /description="Integer" 
Double : ItemRevision.a5Double /master=both /allow_null_value /description="Double"

o Import the part created in Native NX to Teamcenter either through Import assembly into teamcenter or by adding the Native file to model templates
o Open the part in TCIN
o Attributes type changes from Number to String or the type defined in Teamcenter BMIDE.


When NX has an attribute of type 'Number' which is eventually mapped to a TC property of type of 'String', we have to honor TC property type. 
The values being fetched from and stored to should get precedence.
If the user intended the values to be of type 'Number', then the BMIDE customization should have been of type 'Double'. 
If the user intended the values to be of type 'String', then the NX Part attribute should have been of type 'String'.

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Hardware/Software Configuration

Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 764SP1
Product: NX
Application: NXMANAGER
Version: V11.0.2

Ref: 002-8005784

KB Article ID# PL8005784



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