Solid Edge License Manager Server is down. How to keep users working?

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Solid Edge License Manager server is down. How do you keep the users working? 


You have 2 options. 
Option1 - Use an Emergency License. Distribute this license file to the client 
machines and place it in their Solid Edge *****/preferences folder to replace 
the current license file

 1. To get an Emergency License, visit the GTAC website 
 2. Select the License Management option to expand it and select the 
Licenses option 
 3. Select the "Emercency Passwords and License Files" option 
 4. Make sure Solid Edge is selected for Product (should default to Solid 
Edge unless you have other 
 Siements PLM products) 
 5. Select the appropriate Version from the dropdown 
 6. Select the most appropriate "Reason for Request" from the dropdown 
 7. Select the "I read and agree" option then select continue 
 8. The emergency license file wil be emailed to you. 

Option2 - Setup a 2nd/new license server using your dongle

 1. Install the License Manager software that is delivered with the 
version of Solid Edge you are running 
 on the new license server first. (do not plug in the dongle until 
Solid Edge License Manager is 

 2. Plug in the Dongle on the new server. If this is the first time the 
dongle is on that machine, you will see 
 the plug and play notification of the sentinel driver installing.

 3. Install/upgrade the Dongle Driver if it did not install automatically.

 4. Configure License Manager, license file, etc... 

 5. Update/edit the License file using Notepad (must be an ascii editor). 
Replace the old server name with 
 the new server name.

 6. Distribute the new license to the Client Machines or update the method 
you use on your client 
 machines to point to the new license server. 

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Platform: INTEL
OS: window
OS Version: 10_1703
Application: SETUP
Version: V219.0

Ref: 001-9245583

KB Article ID# PL8005722



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