NX Post Builder - Outputting a G154P* fixture offeset code for a HASS machine

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How can you output a G154P* fixture offset code for a HASS machine?


To output a fixture offset as G154P* there are 2 steps that needed.

1- In NX at the MCS 'Fixture Offset' window, a value needs to be input and in this case if a P1 is needed,  then an input of 1 has to be entered.

2- In Post Builder at the 'Start Of Path' event, a new block should be inserted and set to 'G-MCS fixture offset'.  Then, that block has to be edited to change the 'G' to 'G154P'.  

Afterward, the 'Change Element' option has to be edited to change the default setting of the user-defined expression from $mom_fixture_offset_value + 53 to use $$mom_fixture_offset_value.

That will output a G154P1 when the MCS is encountered in NX when postprocessed. 


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