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1. Create a simple block. 
2. Menu -> Edit -> Object Display. 
3. Select a face and change its color to any other color. 
4. Menu -> Edit -> Object Display. 
5. Select solid body and change its color to any other color. 
Ensure that the setting 'Apply to All Faces of Selected Body' is turned off. 
Color of entire body is changed except the face whose color is changed at step 3.


If you do [Menu -> Information -> Object] of the faces (to whom color is not applied explicitly), you will see that they get the color from the body. 
For e.g. 
Color [from body]        129 (Medium Steel) 
If you repeat the above procedure for the face (to whom color is applied explicitly), you will see as below: 
For e.g. 
Color 181 (Magenta) 
The face which has Magenta color, have explicit color applied to it. Once a face has an explicit color, it retains that color until it is explicitly changed (on the face itself). 
If the face has color that is inherited from the body, it will always shows the color of the body, So whenever you change the color of the body, the color of the faces changes. 
The option "Apply to all Faces of Selected Body" when on, and a body is selected for a color change, will forcibly change all faces of the body to have the special color. 
Once the faces have this special color, they will continue to show the color of the body, even if the option is later turned off and the body's color is changed yet again (the faces will show the new color, because they still inherit it from the body). 

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