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Is a way to start Sim at a certain spot in simulation? For example, I have a screw right now that I am simulating and it takes hours to simulate the whole part, but at certain spots, I find something that needs to be adjusted with the tool path and then I have to start the simulation all over. I would like to be able to start back where I left off and have the simulation fast forward to where I want?


Simulation results are only available as long as ISV is available. There are 

two options to mitigate this:

1. ISV stores all the issues found in the Details window. After simulation runs through, you can click on any line in the details (e.g. start of a gouge) and simulation takes you there (on a long program, it might take a 

while). You can optimize this time through using Display-Suppress all in the simulation options 

2 If you run simulation the first time, let it stop at any issue and set a breakpoint in the NC code on this line. Even if you leave simulation, the breakpoints will persist. So if you open simulation again, you can suppress all the display and playing will stop at the next breakpoint.

We have it on our plans for the future to support this use case in a better way, but as of today, there is no commitment to any time frame.


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