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If a laminate is created in NX or Simcenter 3D as a PCOMP Physical Property, the following procedure can be used to add it to the Physical Property Table Manager as a Property Type of Laminate. 


The Physical Property Table Manager has two types of physical properties that can define the layup of a composite material.  The PCOMP type and the Laminate type are used  in the Nastran environment to describe laminate properties.  Other Solver environments have similar Property Types, such as Basic Laminate and Laminate property types, and they have a similar User Interface as PCOMP and Laminate.

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If a Nastran input deck contains PCOMP cards,  the File --> Append function can be used import the physical properties.  If the PCOMP collector is in the current FEM file,  File -> Export -> Simulation can be used to export the PCOMP cards and related data to an NX Nastran input deck, then re-imported back into the FEM as a Laminate Physical Property Type.

1. If the PCOMP Properties are in the Fem, Select File --> Export Simulation with the following settings.

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2.  Once the data is exported, or if the input deck is already prepared to only include the appropriate

     data,  select File --> Append, to add the input data into current FEM.  Ensure that the Coordinate

     Systems, Materials and Physical Properties checkboxes are the only checkboxes that are checked on.

3.  Once the units and input file name are keyed in, select OK to import the physical properties.

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4. When the data is imported,  open the Physical Property Table Manager dialog and note that the

     a new physical property was added, with an appended name (PCOMP2_1) and its TYPE set as

    Laminate, instead of PCOMP.

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The original PCOMP Physical Property Type is as follows

orig_pcomp.jpg 124.51 KB

The Laminate input that was imported in step 2-3.

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