Simcenter 3D Solutions How much torque to rotate a door at constant velocity on revolute joint with friction static and dynamic

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Model is simulating a door opening with one Revolute Joint, at a constant speed with friction 

(static and dynamic) in the scope for estimating how much Torque to rotate that door. Solver is NX Motion or Simcenter Motion. 

With constant speed, the torque magnitude is in fact similar as static Torque reaction with all components RX, RY and RZ. The Magnitude value comes from the other rotation axis than the Revolute joint axis. 

The torque value to counter the friction is given by the XY result: Revolute Joint Friction/Relative/Force/Torque Magnitude. 

Issue found is that this result value is very low and doesn't make sense.


The velocity is constant, the Mu_static can be set to 0. Keep the Mu_Dynamic. 

Also, the Simcenter solver may remove some constraints to consider static friction so it's better to ignore the static friction for evaluating the torque. 

A Torque result is graphed according to Revolute Joint Friction/Relative/Force/Torque Magnitude. 

Then you can apply that Torque value on the Joint as Scalar Torque. The door will rotate. 

For such, you create another solution, put back the Mu_Static (if you want), deactivate the Revolute Joint driver and apply that Scalar Torque.


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