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Sometimes, after running an articulation, some solid bodies cannot be selected 

when the Measure Distance function is used from the Articulation dialog. This 

occurs when the Solid Bodies option is selected in the Selection Filter. Note 

that this issue is sometimes temporarily mitigated by zooming in and out but 

it is only temporary. The following workaround should resolve the 

issue, during the session. 


The selection problem may occur when the Assembly Load Options has the "Use

Lightweight Representations" checkbox, checked on prior to loading the model.

asseb_load_lightweight.png 21.09 KB

The workaround is to Activate the Assembly Navigator, and select either the Master

Part assembly or the desired component/piece parts.

1a.  Activate the Assembly Navigator by selecting its tab in the Resource Bar.  It may be

       necessary to select Application -> Modeling.

1b.  If the assembly is to be selected, RMB on it in the Assembly Navigator and select the

        "Select Assembly" option from the contextual menu.

1c.  RMB on the Assembly again and select "Show Exact" from the contextual menu.


show_exact_assem.png 32.9 KB

1d. If the component is to be selected, RMB on it in the Assembly Navigator and note if

       Show Exact or Show Lightweight is listed in the contextual menu.  If "Show Exact" is

       listed, then select it. 

show_comp.png 47.39 KB

Executing the Articulation again will allow the Solid Bodies to be preselection highlighted 

or actually selected while in the  Measure Body option of the Articulation dialog .  Save the files as necessary.


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