NX Errors when trying to use the File New Manufacturing tab templates

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When attempting to use the Manufacturing templates in the File New dialog, NX returns the following error:

   A keyword is missing. See Syslog for details.


As mentioned in the error, the log file contains the needed information:

 +++ Keyword LIBRARY_MULTITOOL is required.

The NX12.0.2 release introduces the new MULTI_TOOL tool type for turning. 

Reference the NX12.0.2 What's New guide topic "Multifunction cutting tool." 

This tool type requires a new keyword entry in the cam configuration file.

For example, check the contents of the updated 

...\MACH\resource\configuration\mill_planar.dat file as installed with NX12.0.2. The new entry and its pointers will be found there:



If an older or custom template/configuration is being brought into NX12.0.2, this entry may not be in place and the software will return the error as noted above. Either create new customizations based off the full file set from an NX12.0.2 installation, or manually fix the cam configuration to include this new keyword in the .dat file(s).


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